7 reasons you should choose LAVA

  • Guaranteed performance deliverables.
  • Market leading cost-per-visit for many traffic sources.
  • LAVA has analysed & continues to analyse 100’s of millions of views, ensuring the greatest possible efficiency in traffic sources. Our analysis gives us a unique understanding of which traffic sources work best to your content. All campaigns are continually optimised for best results.
  • Detailed weekly reporting outlining all relevant deliverables and benchmarking to the past 100 LAVA campaigns as well as similar campaigns within the relevant industry.
  • 100% work flow responsibility carried out by LAVA.
  • LAVA is uniquely positioned in the seeding industry worldwide with a significant part of our traffic being delivered to highly accountable brand sites. Years of development have led us to discover traffic options strong enough to stand up to the most stringent accountability benchmarks and challenges associated with engagement on brand sites.
  • Being the most experienced seeder in the Australian marketplace, LAVA has developed systems to protect your client & your brand in the “wild west”.


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