LAVA Video Seeding: How does it work?

LAVA drives targeted online traffic to your campaign via a vast range of traffic sources. We can deliver virtually any target audience, international or local, and uniquely relevant to your campaign objectives.

We’ll put your content in front of your target market or bring your target audience to your content.

And we don’t just do ‘views’. Whether its subscribers, competition entries, Facebook Page ‘likes’, software and ‘app’ downloads, advertising revenue, product purchases or any other form of engagement, we’ve probably done it!

How do we do it?

Over the years we have tested hundreds of thousands of publishers, social networks, and online communities, and have isolated the ones we have found to offer the greatest engagement, interaction, and return on investment.

Our traffic originates from:

  • Social networks and bookmarking services
  • Online communities such as forums & blogs
  • Entertainment, niche lifestyle and video sharing sites
  • Search engines and search networks
  • EDM (Electronic Direct Mail)
  • Social network gaming

Reach virtually anybody!

We can target your audience using any combination of:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Global Location (in some locations down to the postcode)
  • Personal Interests
  • Device (Desktop Browser, iPad, iPhone, Android, Tablet)
  • Technology (Operating System, Browser Type)
  • And pretty much everything else!

Every campaign is unique, and we will tailor our proposal to exactly match your needs.  Request a proposal.


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