YouTube Analytics Down, Humour Up.

Any hard-core YouTuber who follows their videos’ analytics closely would have noticed this week’s increasingly alarming warnings from the chimps running the view count contraption. It all started with the following on the first weekend in February: We are experiencing data processing delays for data after January 31st and are working to resolve the issue. 

No problem. Just truck in some more bananas and the chimps will get back to it, right? Hmm…. a couple of days later: We are experiencing data processing delays and are working to get caught up. No data has been lost. Thank you for your patience.

Well, at least no data has been lost. We lived in tense hope, our patience acknowledged! Then this: We are experiencing data processing delays. We expect to be completely caught up by Friday. No data has been lost.  Thank you for your patience.

Ok…. well at least we have a date to go by. I cancelled Friday’s scheduled pedicure and ordered a small ham to feed on while spending an entire day counting views on all the video campaigns we’re seeding at LAVA! But now … clearly the creative department at Google have run out of ideas, and we get this: We are experiencing continued data processing slowness. We’re going to try replacing the batteries. No data has been lost. Thank you for your patience.

And here I thought YouTube ran on clean coal.

UPDATE (as of 20 February 2012): It’s now been two weeks and YouTube is still having trouble with it’s analytics back-end. It seems that particularly, data for the 13th of February is missing. Perhaps the Data Liberation Front decided to take action that day! Here is YouTube’s latest warning: Analytics users: We love you. We are just going through a bit of a rough patch. The missing data for the 13th will be restored shortly. It had some irregularities so we temporarily skipped it to get you the rest of your data faster. Thank you for your continued patience.

Irregularities? Did Rebecca Black break YouTube again?

To all our clients, and any YouTube Channel Partners out there seeding your videos, and particularly for those behind on your rent, we’ll stay on top of this issue, and continue to update if we learn anything. Viral marketing has never been so exciting!


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