Deeper analytics from YouTube TrueView Instream Video Ads

YouTube has now rolled out it’s video pre-roll advertising options to the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia and NZ. There are plenty of guides out there on how to set these up, and from LAVA’s experience, TrueView Instream ads are a useful tool that promotes your video while giving viewers the option to skip the pre-roll after watching at least 5 seconds. And if you’re just getting started seeding your branded video, these are a great option.

So how do YouTube TrueView Instream ads work?

YouTubers are shown the pre-roll when watching certain videos (as determined by your targetting options), and are given the option to skip it after watching the first 5 seconds. The advertiser is only charged, however, when the user has watched at least 30 seconds.

Through the AdWords interface, YouTube provides data on how many impressions your video generated, and how many people went on to watch more than 30 seconds (or to completion if its shorter than 30 seconds). These are the views you get charged a competitive CPV for (impressions are free). It also tells you how many times someone clicked on the pre-roll. These clicks are free too! That’s right! You only get charged for the ‘view’.

So, in the example above:

  • The video generated 8,405 impressions (no charge for these).
  • 1,886 viewers watched at least 30 seconds of the video (you get charged for these).
  • The average CPV is A$0.06 (Aussie dollars).
  • 138 viewers also clicked on the pre-roll (these are free too)

But, can we get any deeper data that this? For example, how many people watched the entire TrueView pre-roll? What percentage of people watched my Instream ad to half-way? Is there a measure for what percentage of your video users watch?

Luckily, yes there is, but you need to link your AdWords account to the YouTube account which is hosting your pre-roll. Doing this is simple, and you’ll find the “Linked YouTube Accounts” link on the bottom left of your AdWords screen. Once this is done, navigate back to your campaign, and click on the Videos tab. And this is what you’ll find:

What does it mean? Well, looks like this pre-roll performed quite well. 23% of all people who saw the pre-roll were still watching a quarter of the way through the entire video, and 17% watched it half-way. 11% (or about 207 people) watched it to the end.

Note that for this 104 second video, at the quarter way mark (26 seconds), you still haven’t been charged. Not bad!

Do YouTube TrueView Instream ads work for you? Let us know in the comments.

LAVA manages YouTube Advertising accounts for a number of clients. Get in touch if you need any advice, hints or tips!


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