Like-Jacking (or the Spammer’s Holdup)

So how much is a Facebook ‘Like’ worth? There is much discussion (and disagreement), and of course it all depends on what you’re peddling.

Whatever the numbers, though, a ‘Like’ is clearly worth enough for some cleverly devious programmer to develop a Facebook spamming script that seduces people to click on a salacious video, which actually results is you ‘liking’ a totally unrelated Facebook Page. This might be the reason your Facebook friends recently asked you if you really liked Sex and the City 2.

The way it works is fairly simple. You’re innocently reading your Facebook News Feed when you see that your mother has posted this:

You can’t resist the curiosity and click! You then get taken to a page with a fake video which has a layer of transparent like buttons on top of it. So as soon as you click play, instead of watching Dad walk in on Daughter, you become an unknowing Fan of a spammer’s Facebook Page.

Your only hope is that by some random cosmic coincidence, you really do like Sex and the City 2 but just forgot to express it on Facebook.

Read more about Like-Jacking here:


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